Stone Takes Collaboration Seriously, Claims to Have Video Proof

Thu, Jan 21, 2010

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As someone who works in PR, I can’t help but be impressed by guys like Greg Koch. Not content to simply make great beer, Stone does great marketing, too.

The latest from these arrogant bastards is a series of videos called Stone Skips Across The Pond, chronicling their overseas exploits as they visit a few of their European collaborators.

Along the way, watch as our intrepid crew relishes a Viking feast, braves the choppy waters of the North Atlantic, and seemingly attempts to bribe their way (with beer) into owning a lighthouse.

And that’s just the first installment, which we’ll post tomorrow (Thursday) at 1pm. Check back every Thursday for the next three weeks as this indomitable crew continues their escapades in Norway before traveling to Scotland for some serious carousing with the punks over at BrewDog.

Stone’s struck a great balance between slick production and authentic delivery in their marketing, and exercises like this video series surely endear them to a whole generation of craft beer lovers. The first installment hits Thursday, January 21st.

(via @StoneGreg)

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